Making a difference... One dog at a time

Yesderday In Kennels I Cried…

First time in a long time. I’m generally quite good at holding it in, but a little boy whose eyes looked so lost and scared and frightened was cowering every time the other dogs barked, every time a loud noise happened. Got me thinking. Why do I put myself through this? I don’t have to! I can just go home and be with my family and shop for Christmas and be totally and utterly bored and unchallenged ………….

Last night I was upset, thinking of that poor little soul, even trying to work out if there was a way I could bring him home with me – knowing that with the 4 weeks at work ahead would mean it’s just not practical or fair. Then from nowhere an opportunity came of a lovely foster home and a text from the Boss at the kennels – “4 appointments tomorrow and it’s all down to you” – or rather the FFH Team. That’s when I remembered – we are here to make a difference. That dog was scared and afraid but at least he is not dead. He’s not wandering the streets and fields in danger. He’s not happy right now but that is only for the short term. With your help, we can make a difference for the rest of his life.

We work with some fabulous people who look after the dogs day in day out, who drive to the pound and rescue those at risk, who cuddle them and stroke them and make them feel safe. Our job is to support those people – to raise the funds for that work to continue, to promote the dogs so that homes can find them, to make people aware that these dogs exist and deserve the very best. This sums it up for me.

With 175 dogs in Furever Homes because of the effort of my fabulous Team and YOU our wider Team, we must never lose sight of what we are here to do. Make a difference, one dog at a time. And we have and we continue to do.

Today I stumbled across this …..

The neglect changes you. The abuse hardens you. The suffering breaks you.
The ignorance angers you. The indifference disturbs you. The injustice destroys you.

On a daily basis…your faith will be tested. Your heart will be wounded…. Your soul will be altered.

On a weekly basis…you’ll question yourself. You’ll question your strength. You’ll question the world.

On a monthly basis…you’ll fall down. You’ll get up. You’ll go on…

On a yearly basis…you’ll look back… You’ll see faces…
You couldn’t save them. You’ll learn to mourn. To grieve. To sob. You’ll learn to trust a little less.
To do a little more. To fight a little harder. You’ll learn to try. To hope. To pray.
You’ll learn to fail. To succeed. To accept.
You’ll learn when to hold on. When to give up. When to let go.

You’ll learn who you are. What you stand for. Why that matters.

Then… at times… you’ll forget why you matter.

You’ll question what you’re doing. You’ll wonder if it’s worth it.
But…here’s the good news… When you forget… When you question…
When you wonder… All you have to do… Is take a look around… And you’ll see them.

You’ll see their faces. You’ll see their smiles. You’ll feel their love.
In their eyes, you’ll see their journeys… You’ll remember their beginnings…
You’ll know how far they’ve come… You’ll remember when they didn’t know you…
When they didn’t trust you…When they’d given up.
You’ll remember how you healed them… How you loved them…
How they loved you, too. And as you look back…
You’ll want to move forward… For them… and because of them.

In your darkest hours, you’ll look around…To find the differences made…the hope given…and the lives saved…
Because you existed. In those moments, when you look into their eyes…every doubt will be erased.
Every question will be answered. Every worry will subside. Because in that instant…in each of your hearts…
You both share the very same thought:

“Every bit of pain was worth it…for this moment here with you.”

And honestly…no matter what else happens… Those moments hold all the strength you need… To keep going.

Rescue is pain. Rescue is joy. Rescue is worth it…because they are worth it. And that’s the honest truth.”

~ Author unknown

To all the fabulous folk that we work with and who support us – thank you. You truly are making a difference xxx