Making a difference... One dog at a time

Time to Reflect

And here we are again, it’ll soon be Christmas BOL!!!

It’s amazing how much has been achieved through the help of our fantastic supporters over the last 8 months, and we are always truly grateful for their support – without that we would not be able to continue doing what we are doing, so a huge THANK YOU is called for.

As I write this, you have helped us to find homes for 158 dogs now and have provided funds to cover more vet bills, provide food on a monthly basis, paid for one to one behavioural training for a couple of needy dogs AND started work on building two more FFH kennels so that more dogs can be saved from PTS situations – and again we only have YOU to thank xxx

A couple of people have been asking this week about Milo – you remember our fabulous Staffy boy who had been in rescue for almost 3 years on account of the work and rehab he needed when he first came in? He touched the hearts of a lot of people – not only a staffy (read media hype and limit chances of rehome x 10) but a staffy who had been through a terrible time and was finally ready to face the big wide world – and lots of people worked very hard to make that happen. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share an update from Milo’s Dad just so that you can see the difference YOU are helping to make – especially pertinent this week as we are doing a big promotion push on our bull breeds who are still looking ….

Anyway, I will hand you over to Milo’s Dad …….

“Just a quick message to keep you up-to-date with our lad.

He attended my daughter’s 40th birthday bash last month and was a perfect gentleman with lots of toddlers coming up & making a fuss of him & he was very gentle on his new red harness.

He has also got a rain-coat & a ‘flying jacket’ for the winter. However he’s not bothered about the rain.

Everybody loves him especially us & he, I think, loves us in return. “Me & my shadow!!”

I know he shouldn’t but ..he still kips on the bed & often disappears under the Duvet. He has been known to sneak off back to bed or has a lie in with me !!

He is very good in the car & will curl up in his bed and when we take him out, we use his harness where his lead is always slack. He tends to pull when on his collar.

I tried to take a photo of him this morning curled up next to the cat on the sofa but at the moment he doesn’t like cameras for some reason.

As you said he loves his squeeky toys & he’s costing me a fortune in Kong Squeeky Balls (I buy them in fives!!) which he LOVES to chase & catch . Up & down, up & down the garden at the front of the house with his tail going like a ‘helicopter’. I now have to take them off him after play otherwise he’ll rip them to bits in no time. I give him ‘one he knackered earlier’ to demolish while I hide the good ones for next play time.

He is VERY bright. He knows where I hide the balls & checks out my pockets to see if I’ve got them with me.

We have learned that he has a sweet tooth found him in the bon-bon dish eating sweets, wrappers & all. But his favourite smell is probably sausages!!

He comes everywhere with us & on a recent trip to Lancashire we had lunch ‘al fresco’ & he just lay down watching the world go by, not bothered by people, dogs, traffic etc.

Two passers-by stopped to make big fuss of him. It could be my imagination but have you noticed it’s always Staffies that people stop & enquire after or make a fuss of. Perhaps I’m biased. Well I know I am – I adore him and we are best mates. As soon as I can I will send you some photos”

Well folks, YOU helped make that happen for Milo and for lots of other dogs too – please keep up the support, you are making a difference, one dog at a time and for that, we salute you xxx