Making a difference... One dog at a time



We have a HUGE project on our hands and will need a MAHOOSIVE lift from you guys, if you are up for it? Our reputation is also at stake as we are “competing” to hit our target first and win cake ….  Let me tell you the BIG story ….

On Thursday I was contacted by a pound puller who we have worked with for many years. She knows we have no kennels at the moment but wondered if we would be able to help fundraise for a young dog. You see, this young dog was taken in from the pound, stray, not wanted, chipped but not registered, and then it was discovered that he needs quite significant surgery – very expensive surgery.

He needs a LOT of delicate surgery on his legs as he was severely malnourished when born, and was discarded like a piece of rubbish …. well, he is with a lovely rescue in Yorkshire who we have been speaking to – but they cannot take in any more “at risk dogs” because of the cost of this boy’s surgery looming over them so the situation basically is that they cannot take any more dogs from PTS situations until this lad has his surgery and on the road to recovery. They have had a bad run of cruciate and other operations with dogs recently and you all know how expensive those are so in effect, they are struggling. Could we help?

Well as you know we are a sucker for a hard luck story, especially where a beautiful young pup is involved and so we said yes! In fact, the boy needs £13,000 raising and we have said we will go half …….. AND if we can get our half before they get their half, they will buy us cake! LOL!

We don’t know if this boy is in pain – he has been like this since birth so he may just think that pain is “normal” and be getting on with it. I don’t like that idea SO we need to raise the money as quickly as we can to get him the surgery ASAP – he may be in pain but either way he can’t be comfortable OH and because of the deformity (I will share x rays later) he has to be lead walked, cannot run around, cannot mix with other dogs (he likes other dogs!) in case he gets injured playing and has to have lots of sniffing slow walks ….

Can we do this for him? PLEASE????

Storm is around 10 months old, friendly, loving, goofy BIG lad but he desperately needs surgery and if you look at the photos that will follow, you will see why.

Are you up for supporting us please? We will run various auctions, offer prizes, beg for pennies and more besides … but we need to hit our target of £6,500 before the team at Moorview do! This is Team FFH pride at stake!