Making a difference... One dog at a time



It’s great when we manage to rehome one of our dogs, and one of the things we look forward to the most is the updates on their new life a few months or even years down the line.

Thank you for sharing the happiness – something we would like to share with everyone.

Here are a few recent pupdates…



Christa was one of the litter of huskies that we helped to rehome last year and she looks absolutely stunning in her Furever Home in Yorkshire.

From her new mom & dad –

I just thought I’d send you some up to date pics of Christa who we adopted from you last June, the 9 months have flown by!

Christa is settling in really well to her new home with us, she’s loving the walks In the pennines and seems very happy playing with her toys. She’s a very loyal dog and is doing really well with her house training.

Carol took a picture of her when she came to do her check up visit late last year and I believe she is going into 2017’s calendar which we can’t wait to see!

Brian & Rita




Hello hello,

Thought i’d give you an update on Cooper. What a boy he is!! He has been in our lives for two weeks and has rewritten every rule this household has….. (in a good way)

Rule 1: No dogs on the sofa…..

Amendment to Rule 1: Humans are allowed on the sofa so long as there is (a) room for me and my brofur to spread ourselves out, paws in the air, belly perfectly positioned for you to rub and (b) Humans you must realize that being allowed on your own sofa is a privilege and NOT a right and can be revoked at any time either myself or my brofur sees fit!

Rule 2: No dogs on the bed.

Amendment to Rule 2: Humans are not allowed to sleep next to one another, nor do they have a right to sleep…. I snore….. get over it….. My nose picks up smells far more sensitively than you and to be quite frank guys, you humans stink …. you should be grateful that I am willing to put up with this when I am “snuggled” between the two of you…..

Rule 3: Dogs must ride in the boot of the car

Amendment to Rule 3: I have two human brofurs who need protection…. how in the hell am I going to this from the boot of the car!? Call yourselves parents…. to be quite frank its a good thing I came along when I did or heaven knows how my smallest humans would have turned out. No, I’m sorry, I must ride alongside these miniature beings despite the fact that it involves me squeezing myself into the smallest space known to man…… I’ll make this sacrifice …… you’re most welcome .

cooper_update_4In all honesty Cooper is fantastic, it feels like he has been with us forever. We all love him to pieces and he has been on some fabulous adventures with us. So far Cooper has been to Grizedale, Bowness, Bolton Abbey…… his recall is fantastic and my word can he run!!! Both he and Bandit get along brilliantly and like to play with each other.

He has brought something special to us which we are so grateful for. I really feel like he has done more for us than we could ever do for him.

I’ve attached photos to go alongside the above rule amendments for your enjoyment!