Making a difference... One dog at a time

Our Team

Totally volunteer run

FFH has developed a very small, loyal and superb group of volunteers along the way – we are ALL volunteers – none of us draw a salary from FFH, most of us also have full time jobs, but we manage to fit in  dog walking, transporting, fundraising, promoting, home checking and generally helping dogs into homes – as well as following up on them when they are adopted! We are proud of our post-adoption support and have actually had people come to us to adopt because they have heard how much we do to help families who adopt from us – FUREVER Homes after all!

Every penny raised FOR the dogs goes TO the dogs – none of our Trustees or any other volunteer receives a salary or any form of payment for the work they do so please bear in mind that if we don’t answer an email immediately, we might be doing our day jobs!


We are always on the look out for help from people – if you can volunteer on a regular basis, we would be very grateful, if you can dog walk at the kennels in Shrewsbury on a regular basis, the dogs AND us are grateful, but if you can only help out at one event or with a particular campaign or in doing a certain role, we are still grateful!

The FFH ethos is built on the belief that #itsallaboutthedogs – it’s all about the dogs – and so we are always keen to hear from genuine dog lovers who will offer whatever time and support they are able to.

We can use all sorts of skills and talents – be it social media, admin, keeping a database up to date, creating graphics, managing our “shop”, helping with the website – whatever it might be – all we ask is that if you say you are going to do something, you do it. We have sometimes found that people have enthusiasm and get carried away with it and then in reality they struggle to do what they have said, which can then be problematic, but however small your contribution, if it is executed, you are very welcome in our small Team.

We have rehomed over 500 dogs in need but sadly it is not a problem that has got smaller since we began – so we are still as keen as ever to make a difference, one dog at a time.

Thanks for visiting our page and learning about our work 🙂 x