Making a difference... One dog at a time

March ’14

So here we are, 8 weeks on, and what a lot has happened! We’ve had tears (generally mine, and fairly frequently), we’ve had smiles, we’ve had laughs and we have learned a lot! We have met some fabulous people and had the misfortune to meet some “not so fabulous” people, but fortunately for now, the good definitely outweighs the “not so good”.

Over the last 8 weeks we have run raffles and tombolas, we have had sponsored Hula, Silence and Haircuts, and all in all have been able to help with vet bills, food bills and even bought some thermal undies for our lovely Anne up there in the vile weather they had in Snowdonia 🙂

As far as the dogs go, the whole experience of rescuing and rehoming the dogs from Romania has to be a “Moment to Remember” – by Dog I wept some tears that day! – and we are also delighted to say some of our rescue pups have also moved on to Furever Homes.

We have waved bye bye to fabulous characters like Bronte, Max, Willow, Lucy, Reggie, Barlow and Misty – always with a wish that they are “safe, happy and loved in their FUREVER homes” – but sadly there are still lots more dogs who are waiting – so please do spread the word and tell people to pop by and take a look at our website – “Rescue Me” has lots of information about each dog that they might find helpful. 

We have also had to turn away dogs over the last few weeks as we simply have NO space available, which is always a very, very difficult thing to do. We are so full to capacity that Ruby & Benson had to be kept in the conservatory and Tyson was moved into the Cattery when the weather destroyed the roof on the kennels – so our BIG project starting this week is to build 2 new kennels which gives us a bit of extra space – and we are excited about that, but will need to keep the fundraising going to cover the costs 🙁

So with that in mind, we have lots on the agenda for the coming weeks, with a sponsored Ghost Hunt (rather you than me!), a couple of fundraising events out and about (keep an eye on our Campaigns page for info) – and we also have our lovely boy Colin to see to (his full story is also on the Campaigns page).

TOP PRIORITY is to tell people about the dogs – to find their FUREVER homes, and to make sure folk know the Golden Rule – “Adopt don’t shop!” If you could help reinforce that message and join us in helping to Make a Difference – one dog at a time ………………. thank you xxx