Making a difference... One dog at a time

How To Help

How you can help us…

You can help is in so many ways!

Our main aim is to find Furever Homes, so perhaps you are in a position to adopt or if not can you offer a temporary foster home to a dog in need? Please complete the enquiry form and a volunteer will be in touch.

If you can’t adopt or foster maybe you can become a home checker, a vital part in the rehoming process, or perhaps offer to transport a dog to safety, or arrange or help out at a fundraiser, donate, sponsor a kennel, Tweet, share on Facebook, or lots of other ways that you can make a difference to dogs in need – please email us with any ideas or if you want to organise a fundraising event, run a marathon, knit blankets …..

Home Checks

Home checks are an essential part of the re-homing process. When a rescue dog may have found its potential furever home, we always visit any prospective new owners in their homes prior to them adopting a dog. The purpose of the home check is to ensure that the dog, the new owner and the environment are all a good match and well suited. We also check that the garden and property is suitable and secure for the type of dog concerned, understand more about the potential adopters experience, circumstances and suitability for the dog in question – this is a CRITICAL part of the process and we do not have visitors to meet the dogs until this has happened.

We are looking for willing volunteers all over the UK to help us carry out these checks. Training can be given to any new home checkers. If you would like to volunteer to be a home checker in your local area then please contact us via email for more information


Often we have to transport a dog either to a foster home, to and from the vet or to collect from the pound when their time may be up. We rely on a team of volunteer drivers to help us to move the dogs. This isn’t something that happens every day or even every week but it helps us to know who can drive and what type of dogs they can carry in their car to help when needed.

If you could help us please contact Rescue Helpers Unite or Animal Rescue Transport Network. You can also donate toward fuel charges and this is very gratefully received.

Volunteer to Dog Walk

Volunteering as a dog walker at your local animal shelter is a fantastic way to make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs in your community.

Dogs in rescue shelters are sometimes confined to smaller than ideal spaces due to the number of dogs looking for adoption and the lack of space due to the growing increase of homeless dogs. The isolation and restricted activity can cause health and behaviour problems that affect the dogs’ quality of life and impair their chances for adoption.

Volunteer dog walkers provide the daily exercise, affection and socialization that confined dogs need to stay healthy, happy and adoptable so that they can one day go to their Furever Home with a loving family of their own. Dog walking is one of the most flexible ways to help. Most shelters allow volunteer dog walkers to drop-in to walk and play with the dogs on a regular basis.

If you are an animal lover interested in brightening up the day of a lonely dog that needs a little love, attention and exercise, walking dogs may be for you! Our dogs are in kennels near Shrewsbury, Shropshire and we are always glad for extra help to give them one to one attention or take them for a good long walk!

Send a Gift

As well as fundraising and donating you can also send a gift direct to us from our Amazon Wish list. This features many of our much needed items such as Kongs to keep the dogs interactive and occupied, Waterproof Coats, Fleecy warm blankets and of course the much sought after treats. Click here for access to the wish list.

Thank you for any gift you send to any Rescue Dog, no matter how small, every gift makes a difference.

Sponsor a kennel

Finding Furever Homes recently took on extra responsibilities with kennels and each month that alone costs us £1985. Some months with our vet bills, food, collars, bedding etc we have paid out up to £6,000! Every single penny comes from fundraising or our very generous supporters. You can help to maintain these kennels and feed the dogs in rescue by donating as little as just £5 a week.

When you sponsor a kennel you can either support with a week or multiple week sponsorship. You might want to sponsor a kennel if you are not able to currently have a dog of your own, in memory of a much loved companion, two legged or four, who crossed to the Bridge, as a birthday present for someone or simply because you want to help dogs at risk and show that you care.

Kennels will be published within 48hrs of your donation and your start date will be from when your kennel is added. Thank you for helping to keep a dog safe and cared for while we are finding a suitable home.

For more information please visit the Sponsor a Kennel page or email

Use easysearch instead of your main search engine

By using easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine, you can make a real difference. easysearch is completely FREE and by making just 10 searches a day, you could raise around £20 a year for your chosen cause i.e. Finding Furever Homes.

Simply go to easysearch’s website and create an account, you can use your Facebook account. Once you have an account, search for ‘Finding Furever Homes‘ and click Start Fundraising. Finally, click on Visit easysearch and that will take you to Finding Furever Homes easysearch page.

Tweet, Share a FaceBook Post, Print a Poster

Finding Furever Homes has over 34,000 fantastic followers on Twitter @NWDogRescue and our marvellous Twitterati have got us this far! We have our Facebook page with a band of loyal supporters and hopefully with the two combined we can find even more furever homes. So far your re-tweets and posts have helped to find loving homes for over 500 dogs simply by reaching out to new followers and sharing information about our dogs.

We can never thank you enough for the MASSIVE difference our supporters make in Finding Furever Homes and for your fabulous generosity when it comes to financial help. Every single penny makes a difference, one dog at a time.