Making a difference... One dog at a time

Furever Foster

Jade is 16 years old. Sadly her owner passed away and Jade was left with nobody. Jade has cataracts, is partially deaf and has a bladder tumour, but she is a friendly, loving, happy, active little girl who deserves a chance.

We have already sorted out her dental issues so she now has a healthy appetite too and she loves to play and run around but chances of someone adopting Jade are slim – you can’t get insurance for a dog like her, so the cost of keeping her well and comfortable are prohibitive and that is where our Furever Foster Scheme kicks in. In return for offering her love and care in their home, our Furever Foster Family gets our full support for any vet bills or anything else that Jade might need such as a special ramp or puppy pads or …

Dogs like Buster who has enjoyed the most fabulous year in Furever Foster with his lovely family taking care of him and his day to day needs, and we pick up his monthly medication bill at their vets – win:win.

Dogs like Polly who are left crippled and unable to walk at age just 4 years because when she was a puppy a problem with her knees was not attended to and so over the years the bones have bowed, she now has spinal problems and her nails are a very odd shape as she drags her back legs behind her, or bunny hops sometimes to get around. Some days are better than others but she is not in pain and she has such a lovely temperament and just wants to be loved – what are we supposed to do? Polly is going to start on a course of hydrotherapy to see if we can build back up muscle mass and the vet will then look at what is best to do for her from then on.

These are the dogs that we will support for life. Someone takes them into their home and cares for them as if they were their own and FFH covers vet bills and any special needs – that way the dogs is loved and happy and secure in a home environment and getting the help they need from us too.

At the moment we currently pay out over £250 per month in Furever Foster vet bills and we would be grateful for your help – just a small amount can go a long way with our oldies and poorlies – can you help at all?

You can donate on line or  text  JADE16 £amount  to 70070 to donate to Furever Foster Homes and make a difference today.

The link to our Just Giving page where you can donate is here …..


On their behalf, thank you xx