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Wilfred is shown here with his brother Owen, who has a white nose.  PLEASE read our Rescue Ready article and be aware we have strict criteria for homing pups as young as these.

The puppies are thought to be between 12 – 16 weeks as their teeth are not coming out yet They seem to be Greyhound or have a high amount of Greyhound in them.

Wilfred was the first of the two of them to come up and say hello when we went in. Waggy tailed, but gentle and tentative.

He was good to have harness put on, and walked quite well on a lead. He enjoyed a sniff, checking everything out, and was slightly nervous when out of kennels but soon bouncing around on leaves and checking out the garden area.

He loved the attention and had no problems with picking up, stroking all over, checking out paws etc.

We went past dogs, some barking a lot and he just looked but didn’t bother.

The more we were out, the more confident he became and really enjoyed himself exploring. He loved finding treats and was so keen to learn he will be really easy to train.

He was really interested in noises, sounds of cars and vehicles etc.

They are lovely puppies looking for a great home, they could be rehomed with another dog and they are at the age where being around cats should be fine as long as appropriate training and socialisation was used.

Like all puppies they will be a joyous handful to start with, so please read our ‘are you rescue ready’ page before applying 🙂

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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