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Please meet Sid – he is an 12 month old labradoodle x husky according to his vaccination card.  Hes a big tall lad – with his combination of breeds he will need a home where you can take care of his needs in terms of both exercise and mental stimulation and as he is just a young pup, where someone is around most of the time.

He is strong on the lead and will need guidance in all areas of general obedience but with input and effort he will make someone a fabulous companion. Sid needs work – he has spent much of his puppyhood in rescue and is not getting the mental stimulation he really needs so will need a home with someone used to large breeds who can work with him to help him catch up on lost time. FFH will gladly support a professional behaviourist to work with you.

Sid is an immature puppy inside quite a big body and is a playful loving pup.  He can cope with short periods of time home alone but any longer than an hour and he will get anxious and could be destructive. He is a fabulous young man who has not had the best start in life so we are looking for an experienced and committed home who can take on this young pup and help him find his way – the effort will be worth it in the long run. He will be best in a child free home until his over excited boisterous behaviour can be remedied. He’s a lovely friendly boy but had no  input so his manners need work and he can be mouthy when over excited.

Maybe you are looking for an intelligent, working, sharp minded large breed and can imagine Sid being the boy for you? He is having some work ongoing to help him relax and be calm but a kennel environment is creating frustration for a boy who just wants to think and work and problem solve and use up mental and physical energy. Can you help?

Usual criteria applies so please make sure you have read all the criteria on our Rescue Ready page before applying. Many thanks

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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