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Sally needs our help to find a new furever home. She needs a quiet rural home away from places with lots of dogs. She likes being able to enjoy her walk without other dogs in her face. She’s a gentle, loving cuddle monster, currently in Liverpool but can be rehomed nationwide.
Sally is totally people orientated, friendly and always wanting to please. She’s really calm in a home and is house trained, she loves to sit next to you as close as possible and chill. She’s very intelligent and will do anything you ask for a little treat, and she has excellent manners. She loves playing with toys, chasing balls and has good recall in a secure paddock or garden.
Out and about walking, Sally is excellent on a lead and walks very well in quiet areas of parks where dogs aren’t running free; she is totally focused on the person walking her. However, Sally doesn’t walk well in large park areas, she becomes very stressed but if you stay on the edge of a park, she’s fine. Sally is 7 and has been in rescue for a while now.

If you could offer Sally the home she needs, please complete the application form.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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