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Ruby Tuesday



Please say Hello to Ruby Tuesday, a beautiful one year old Bull Mastiff girl who is being rehomed after the vet suggested she might be best away from a bouncy crowd of dogs and not used for breeding.  She’s a fabulous young pup but due to injury sustained in the former home can be wary of other dogs at first and is currently quite reactive so needs to be the only dog in the home and with an experienced large breed owner who can cope with her size and strength.

With the right home and patient owners, she will no doubt flourish but she is a young, energetic, wilful, strong girl and will need someone who has both the patience and experience of large breeds.  Older children only and no cats or livestock either thanks.

Ruby is reactive towards other dogs at the moment, and this is not being helped by the stress of a kennel environment. If a dog barks at her, or lunges etc. then she is absolutely on a mission to get back at it and will use all her weight to do so. Her past experiences when younger and being attacked have meant she is ready to defend herself. Although we do feel that this can be trained out of her because it is fear based and she doesn’t know another way of handling it. Again, the stressful kennel environment is not helping her but ideally she will be the only pet in the home with experienced, savvy owners.

We feel that this very lovely girl has had no proper input in her formative stages and has no clue in how to behave around people. Around dogs she feels she has to defend herself, and this is due to lack of support from people to help her. She is very lovely and sweet but absolutely not for a novice/first time dog owner due to her size and strength right now. She needs support and training and she will make the most amazing dog for someone. It would be great to get her out of kennels and into a home as soon as possible, but no young children and no other pets, and someone who is around a lot to help her settle and cope with the change.

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