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Rocky – young pup

We need to find Rocky a new foster home or even better a FUREVER home.  He is a 11 month old mixed breed boy, big daft lump of a lad who has had a turbulent time of it and now needs a home where they can cater for his needs.

He’s a sweet natured young pup, housetrained, walks nicely on the lead and has lived with children and cats – although not little children as he is quite a big boy and may be clumsy in his excitement and can mouth in play.  Clean in the house and asks to go outside, loves to play ball and will sit when asked to do so.  He has the makings of a great dog but in his original home his anxiety was not addressed so he will need someone with the patience and time to invest in him to overcome that. He needs help to build his confidence before he can be left home alone and you need to know that he snores, badly, as you will need to have him close by at night too!

He has mixed with a wide range of dogs in a day care setting and his foster described him as ‘great with the kids, sweet and playful’ but he may struggle with separation anxiety, which is no surprise given his past, and his will need someone with dedication and commitment to work with him. Separation anxiety can take a while to overcome – you are basically unpicking a fear that has grown and been reinforced for 10 months so will take time, effort and patience but FULL support will be provided by our behaviourist, at our complete expense, but you have to do the work though.

He has not been crate trained and will need someone prepared to start at the beginning with that, do it slowly and with patience, and ideally be a household where your dogs are with you overnight too,  I know from my own experiences that makes life so much easier!

He is a smashing young pup – loves people and meeting new people, great with all sorts of dogs, lived with cats and older kids – he just needs someone who recognises the potential and will work with his separation anxiety to help him feel more confident home alone. Please don’t apply for him unless you can cater for this and are prepared to put the effort in.

FFH  will provide full behavioural support, at our expense; we have trainers and behaviourists all over the country that we can call on to support, experts who can advise and guide and be a cheerleader!  Please consider helping this boy?

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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