Making a difference... One dog at a time

WE need OUR Furever Home – premises required

We are looking for help from you please to find OUR Furever Home.

To enable us to keep helping dogs like Maximus and Chica and Rocky we need to find new premises as soon as possible.

We need new kennels that:

  1. Meet the revised DEFRA regulations (October 2018). While we know these are not required by law for a rescue, we feel those are the minimum acceptable standards of space, heat, warm, light and comfort.   Although rescues may not be bound by the same legislation as commercial boarding kennels, we feel rescue dogs deserve the same minimum standards.
  2. Are secure and safe and weatherproof.
  3. Have space for daily interaction, exercise and behavioural work.
  4. Has an opportunity to repeat Maximus’ experience with a separate space that allows calm and relaxation for the dogs who need it (if possible).
  5. Has space to create a ‘living room’ where dogs can spend time in a domestic environment having one to one attention and enrichment activity, if possible.

We are happy to consider renting a block of kennels long term from someone – maybe you operate a boarding kennels and have a block you don’t use that could generate a regular monthly income or perhaps you are a rescue and can’t afford to use all your kennels – can we rent space from you? Perhaps you have a smallholding with outbuildings and a paddock where we can build kennels? We are open to considering such options.

WE ARE MORE THAN HAPPY TO INVEST IN THE FACILITIES  to bring them up to standard if necessary and we have funds available to do so.   We are a UK Registered Charity and have been for over 5 years and we can demonstrate financial capability.

We would like to be located ideally between North Shropshire, South Cheshire and North Wales – but we  are very much open to considering locations neighbouring.

The most important criteria is a decent standard of premises that allows the dogs a certain standard of care and well being.

If you know of any property available or soon to be available that meets our criteria, please could you get in touch?

An email to would be great!

We are very excited at how much we could achieve so would appreciate your support in helping us make our dream a reality.

Making a difference, one dog at a time.


Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



If you would lilke more details please complete the enquiry form by clicking on the link above or follow @NWDogrescue for up to date details on all Rescue Dogs SHARE THIS DOG WITH FRIENDS