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❤️ Pepsi ❤️ in foster seeking a forever home

Pepsi is a very special girl in need of a special home. Pepsi had a tragic start in life and came into rescue after she was found tied up in a park with only a piece of wood for shelter. It is suspected that Pepsi was used for guarding drugs, her owner would tie the drugs to her collar around her neck and if anyone went near her, she had been taught to react aggressively. Due to her fear of men, we think her owner was obviously male and may have beat her 😔 to get her to do what he wanted in respect of guarding the drugs. As we all know, Staffies are one of the most loyal breeds and luckily Pepsi has all the other great traits that come with staffies, fun, energetic, loyal, and cuddly.

She has proven to be an amazing house guest and is so eager to please and has come on so well with her training in her foster home.

Pepsi is around 4 years old and needs a pet and child free home. Because of  her past, she is nervous of men however her current foster feels that with continued training, time and patience, she could possibly live with a calm, kind hearted male who is prepared to give her time and space to learn to trust. Possibly a couple so she has the female companionship she clearly craves and loves and together they could work with Pepsi to help her trust the man of the house 🏡

She has learnt to live with a calm male dog with extremely slow and carefully planned intros. In her training with a professional behaviourist, she is showing signs of learning to ignore dogs whilst out on walks. So overall Pepsi is proving to be an amazing dog with a passion for life and nailing her training. All this thanks to the contribution from amazing foster mummies Pepsi has significantly changed her outlook on life and given her the chance she needed.

Please contact us if you could be her furever home preferably with a female owner who will continue with Pepsi’s training. She really is an absolute delight. A gorgeous girl with a big heart.

Pepsi is in foster with Last Hope Animal Rescue in Essex, but can be rehomed nationwide to the right family.  Please apply by calling Ellen on 0753 9488538 or direct message on their Facebook page

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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