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Nico – rural home needed

Nico is a truly special dog who has been with Last Hope since 2017. He lived with Nicola and her family and after a couple of years had really began to settle and be happy in this environment. He is a really sensitive boy, not the usual pet dog. He needs someone who will understand his character, someone who won’t try to ‘fix’ him but just let him be. He cannot go into commercial kennels as he is far too sensitive and self harms. He needs a safe haven whether this be a remote rural non-working farm or someone with a good size back garden where a kennel can be installed. He could quite possibly be a house dog but this would take some slow interaction and encouragement. The home would need to be a very quiet home with few visitors

Any home offer must be pet and child free. Nico may bark for the first night in a new place but from day 2 he is very quiet and happily lives in his secure kennel in the garden. He will make someone a very good companion if somebody would just give him the chance he deserves. You must understand how special Nico is, he is not to be a normal family pet, that just isn’t him. He is what he is and we need to find someone who understands this and is happy to accept him this way. He is genuinely a great boy once he has learned to trust you.

He is around 4.5 years of age and is a Presa x Lab. Any new owner must understand that the Presa breed is a unique stubborn breed and they do things there way, or no way. It is imperative that this is understood in Nico’s case. He may well look like a Lab but he is not the usual family friendly lab. He wants a quiet life chilling in his kennel and playing in the garden. With no stress and no human trying to make him something he’s not.

If you have space for Nico please phone Ellen on – 07539488538.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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