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Please say hello to Marble who has joined us due to a relationship breakdown and significant change of circumstances. She’s 3 years old and a beautiful big baby with great recall, house trained and can be left happily for short periods. She loves a ball and playing fetch and is used to being around children, however her sheer size and weight means we are limiting to children 12 and upwards only, if any. Marble prefers to avoid confrontation in any form and will more often slink away from other dogs and she gets worried by little dogs due to an off lead dog attacking her so we want a pet free home please – no cats, dogs or small furries. She’s in Shropshire at the moment and it would be nice to keep her fairly local to help her settle in to a new home and help her new Fambly manage her anxiety. She is going through a full behavioural assessment at the moment and will start muzzle training so that she can enjoy running freely without risk. She is a lovely sweet natured girl and will make someone a fabulous companion.

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