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Luca – Adopted



Underweight and unwanted, 11 year old Luca was dumped in a playground and after serving his 7 days in the pound in the ‘hope’ that his owner would come for him, he’s now been signed over to rescue and we would desperately love to find this boy a fab FUREVER home.

He has rubbish skin but medicated baths are helping already, he’s much more comfortable and he’s such a gorgeous personality, you can’t help but fall in love with this boy.

He is a very sweet boy, lovely nature and very trusting, super friendly boy who loves everyone he meets, dog and humans alike. At his age we don’t want him in kennels for long and would love to find a fantastic home for Luca. Are you able to help at all? If you can’t offer him a home, can you share his details with everyone you know please? He doesn’t deserve this 😢

He’s up in foster in West Scotland while seeking his new furever home, and the rescue, Underheugh prefer to rehome in the Glasgow/Renfrewshire/North Ayrshire areas to be able to offer ongoing support once adopted.

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