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Loubie Lou

Say hello to Loubie Lou! A very friendly, affectionate and  ball loving 7 year old girl who loves people and fuss and playing ball is looking for a new home.  It would be best if she was the only dog,  as she is anxious when dogs rush up to face her although she is fine walking side by side with other dogs.  We will provide full behavioural support to anyone who is interested in offering this loving, affectionate girl a home and is prepared to work with her on this issue.

Very friendly girl indeed, she absolutely loves people, cuddles, fuss, attention, having her tummy tickled…anything people related – she craves affection and has lots to offer in return. She can be wary initially, but as soon as she feels they are ok then we just become more cuddle giving people! It’s very sad that she has been waiting for a new home for a while now, but that is purely down to her anxiety around other dogs.

She is currently in kennels in Shrewsbury and would love an active home with lots of walking and exercise.

If she could find a home with people, a large garden, no dogs around to deal with and certainly no cats, then she would absolutely flourish without doubt. She has soooo much love to give bless her and a home with a large enough garden/space with high/solid fencing, and preferably rural so that she is not constantly bumping into  unknown other dogs on any walks – she is such a loving, affectionate girl, it is sad to see her spending all that time in kennels without anyone to cuddle up to.

She is house trained, great with people and will make someone a loving companion – she just needs to overcome her fear of other dogs and needs an owner who would be happy to learn to manage her and keep her safe.

Please consider adding Loubie to your family if you have the space, garden and love that this little girl so badly needs? We will give you 100% support and advice on taking care of her and can provide a trainer to work with you to help you handle her out and about – a strong “watch me” and a good cheese may be all you need 😉   She just needs someone to give her a chance, a foster or furever home please.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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