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Geoffrey on home trial

Geoffrey is a gorgeous boy who hasn’t found his furever home yet. He’s had home trials which haven’t worked out because basically, he is a feisty one 🤦‍♀️ We now know that 100% Geoffrey cannot be homed with children or other dogs. He is, what you’d call, a Diva and gets jealous if he isn’t getting all the attention. He is prone to throwing a kiddy tantrum 😂 by all accounts, he is a typical bulldog!

He is looking for a pet and child free home with an experienced dog owner (ideally French or English bulldog experience) who isn’t afraid of putting in time to train Geoffrey to help him feel more secure and build his self confidence in positive way so he doesn’t feel he has to be a ‘bully’ to get your attention. Someone who understands the breed and his behaviour and who won’t give up on him and will allow him a few months to settle. He has been in a wonderful home for a while now but sadly it has come to the point where it isn’t fair on the other resident dogs because Geoffrey is bullying them and the environment is a hostile one which isn’t good for his foster carer or his dogs. So as upsetting as it is for his foster dad, he knows that the best thing for Geoffrey is a new home where he will get all the attention to himself.

Are you up for the Geoffrey challenge? This breed truly are the most amazing, loving breed but you need to understand their characteristics and their stubbornness. There will never be a dull moment in your life, once they have bonded with you, they will be your shadow, your reason for getting up in the morning, as he will make you laugh everyday. What more could you want 😍

Approximately 2 years old. Neutered, chipped and vaccinated. Home check will apply.

Geoffrey is currently with Last Hope Animal Rescue in Essex, but can be rehomed nationwide to the right family.  Please apply by calling Ellen on 0753 9488538 or direct message on their Facebook page


Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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