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Frazer – foster or furever


If you are looking for a well-behaved, fully trained, confident, obedient and pre-programmed puppy then please LOOK AWAY NOW!

Frazer is just 21 weeks old, born October 2018, and was passed from pillar to post, no training or socialisation, ignored and locked away. He has been in foster for a couple of months now and is finally ready to start looking for a home of his own where someone will carry on the work we have started with him.

He is a sweet little character, a bouncing curious inquisitive, playful and cheeky pup who will need time, training and understanding.

Taken way too soon from his litter mates and mum, had two homes already and no input, training or effort at all in that time. He found himself in a dangerous situation and thankfully was rescued by one of our most experienced foster Mums and now needs his very own FUREVER Home asap. He is learning to be calm around other dogs, is learning to stop mouthing (he left his Mum to early so she never had chance to teach him dog manners) and is learning to pay attention and sit, wait and walk nicely on the lead.

This week we found he was TERRIFIED by a male visitor to the home and it took a lot for him to be persuaded to come anywhere near – our guess it that Frazer may have been badly scared at some point as there was definitely an unusual but very strong reaction and fear flooded him.

However most of the time in foster he’s having a ball, have a look at the two videos on the playlist below.

It would be ideal if you were somewhere near Nottingham so you could visit him a few times to build trust and a bond with him – he really is the MOST fabulous character but is a typical naughty and mischievous pup that needs a loving, caring, patient home who will be prepared to work with and be supported by our trainers should you be lucky enough to adopt him. PLEASE no young children, as Frazer may grab hold of a sleeve or snatch at fingers for a treat – nothing that cannot be worked on and improved but you are probably best not to have little ones around until he learns AND all the other things about him are perfectly trainable – in the right home!


He’s a young lad so his behaviour can most certainly be shaped but YOU need to be prepared to invest that time and effort with our support and professional trainer to advise you.

To reiterate, Frazer left his litter mates and Mum too early so has limited canine manners – ideally he would be in an experienced home as the only dog so that his socialisation and introduction to the world can be safe and gentle.  However, he is in rescue with an older steady female dog, so who knows!

He cannot live with small children as Frazer can get mouthy in play and may accidentally hurt a small child, so we think age 10+ could be best, if any.

He has had NO input whatsoever and has been shuttled between a kitchen and a back yard then dumped on the street to take care of himself – he is with our fosters in a home now and is learning to walk nicely on the lead and all about toilet training.

He is not cat friendly.

He is a sweet little chap but will need someone with previous experienced, ideally someone with a bull background, to help this lad find his paws.

You will need to be prepared to start right at the beginning with socialisation and introduction to the world as Frazer has been denied that by his previous “owners”.

Frazer is coming on in leaps and bounds with the care of his foster mum and our professional behaviourist’s visits, and he will be a great addition to a loving home but he needs to find his own home soon before he gets too settled and thinks this is it 🙁

He is in foster in Nottingham and you will need to be prepared to visit him at least twice before adopting and fully commit to this pup. He CANNOT go to another home and then be let down – you must be 100% committed to the time, work, effort and patience he will need. Please only apply if you know you can absolutely stick with him and give him the home he deserves.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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