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Eddie is a 4-year-old Staffie x American Bull Mix who had been in kennels for 2 years before being moved to Underheugh kennels in West Scotland and has had a tough time of it.

When he arrived he was a very, very scared little boy and wary of people. He was worried about this strange place he’d been moved to and needed lots of reassurance. After 2 long years in a kennel he’s lost confidence and coping skills but hopefully his move to Port Glasgow will give him a fresh start and chance to develop again.

Not surprisingly after being shut away he’s not good with other dogs, and needs a home as the only pet and with no children.

He is house trained, neutered, vaccinated and chipped. Eddie loves to play with soft toys.

Eddie needs a very experienced but quiet foster or furever home and this will need to be an adult only home.  He just needs someone that can show him the world is not always a scary place and who will help slowly and carefully introduce him to the big wide world again.

Please note that Underheugh will only rehome Eddie in the Glasgow/Renfrewshire/North Ayrshire area so that they are on hand to support the needs of any dog moving into a home.

Please complete the enquiry form if you are interested.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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