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Buddy adopted

We are ideally looking for a male only household (or one with a dog savvy female committed to giving Buddy space until  he learns to trust).

We have a small dog, Buddy, who is very uncomfortable with women. Ideally, he would be homed with another dog for him to play with, as he’s a friendly, playful little chap and is very sociable with other dogs.

No cats or small furries and no children.  He is nearly 2 years old.

Lots of work has been done with Buddy to try and help him get on with ladies but he still has some fear aggression with them. Not as bad as he was, but he’d clearly be much happier and much less stressed in a male only home. His behaviour suggests that somewhere in his past something has happened that makes him wary of women so step up chaps, here’s your perfect male buddy!
Buddy is currently in kennels in North Wales, and we would prefer if he could be rehomed locally (north Wales/North West England) so we can offer behavioural support, but we would consider rehoming further afield if the perfect home could be found.

Please complete the enquiry form if you think you’d be a good fit.

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