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This truly scrumptious stunner is Bella

4 years old
Ambull Cross
Dogs – No
Children – No
Cats – No

Bella was a street dog before she came into rescue back in December 2017. Here’s her story.

Bella was used by beggars on the streets, being passed around and ‘rented’ out. Never having known the warmth and safety of a home, Bella became accustomed to the lifestyle of being a street dog, until she was lucky enough to find a foster home. She didn’t know who her owner was, because she was passed around to so many people, purely for the fact that she attracted money 💰 and nothing more. She didn’t receive love and affection and was never socialised with children or other dogs. She completely missed out on being able to be a puppy 🐶 Always on guard having been taught to be so. This would have created her to be an extremely anxious dog, fearing everyone and everything. Never learning to trust. Never building a bond with anyone. Only learning that her duty is to the person she is with at any time.

Since arriving at Last Hope Bella has had a long term foster which turned into a home trial but unfortunately the family don’t feel they have the time to devote to her ongoing training.

Bella is amazing with people but cannot live with other animals (when she first came into rescue she was dog friendly so there is potential that with very slow and correct intros this could become the case again) or young children. She is 4 years old and is an American Bulldog cross. She is neutered and vaccinated.

If you would like to apply to foster or adopt Bella, she is with Last Hope Animal Rescue in Llanelli, but can be rehomed nationwide to the right family.  Please apply by calling Ellen on 0753  9488538 or direct message on their Facebook page

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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