Making a difference... One dog at a time

Current status update …


Sadly we have been unable to find premises that are suitable for us. We thought we had found somewhere quite perfect but they didn’t have the space that we needed and there was work to be done, but never say never, eh? It’s sad though as I think we have the right attitude and spirit to make a difference to dogs in need. We built a good reputation, I believe, and we don’t want that to be sullied and we could only sleep easy at night knowing that our dogs were safe, secure, warm, dry and comfortable with good standards of care, so no compromise there I’m afraid so we shall see ….

In the meantime we have been busy helping to promote dogs who are with other small rescues, just to see if we give them the benefit of a bigger, different audience, whether their luck might change and I know that our effort and energy has been proving fruitful in some cases at least. At least our network and social media platforms are being put to good use in the meantime – we spent a long time building them up.

The other thing I just wanted to let you know about was money – I know people had sponsored kennels and donated to us over Christmas so I wanted to explain where that is being used so that everything is transparent. You will know this if you follow our Facebook page regularly as we tend to update there a lot – it’s easier than Twitter as message length isn’t restricted thus avoiding some of the shorthand that causes confusion on Twitter sometimes PLUS it is easier to answer any questions that follow – sometimes I miss stuff on Twitter and folk get cross with me ….

Any old how we have been spending money every month on Malik and his medication, as well as on Chica and will continue to do so as she continues to improve with hydro, raw diet and on pain relief; we bought all Maxi’s food and paid for his vet check up, flea & worm and bills until he was adopted, Rocky needed vet bills covering and several behaviourist visits, 1:1, and you are aware we sadly spent a small fortune on Buster (almost £2,500) in the 48 hours before he died ….

We have paid for behavioural support for Fraser as well as his day to day needs, as well as Logan and Poppy who have both had one to one behaviourist visits.

Piglet has been to see a holistic vet to try and get her off those awful steroids, Humphrey needed a couple of one to one’s to help with his fear of other dogs, we paid the vet bill for Kendrick who was adopted last year but needed another cruciate op (£1200) and of course you know about Duchess and her SLO?

We’ve just ordered 48 bags of food for the dogs up in Scotland and donated some funds to Operation Hope when they took on the DDB’s last month. So as you can see we have been busy still behind the scenes, and even as I sit here writing this today I can see photos pinging in from the one to one we arranged for Wolfie today – he has still not learned to leave the cows alone on the farm where he lives so today we sent some professional specialist help to support the family with their efforts – he’s very much loved but just needs these corners smoothing off.

Later on today I will be telling you about another project we have got ourselves involved with and I hope you will continue to work with us, financially and otherwise too. We are not sure what our future looks like at the moment but we have a commitment to the dogs who have gone before and to doing our best to make a difference to those in need right now. Thank you for your ongoing support xxx