Making a difference... One dog at a time

Colin’s Story

Sitting here tonight planning my diary for the next 3 weeks and realise just how many of my days are full of “dog” 🙂 I have no time to go to work so had better give up my job (I wish!)

But there is one day that is fast approaching that for ages seemed so far off – on Sunday, 13th April I will go to meet the bus that is bringing Colin to his Happy Ever After 🙂

This boy really has had it tough – found with his paws hacked off, taken to a safe place, surgery to repair the “stumps” taking great care not to take too much off for fear that he could then not wear prosthetics, but enough that the infected flesh could heal and recover. Then he had to have more surgery when one leg was not healing properly, and so tomorrow, Friday 11th April, he will board the Bus and begin his long journey to the UK.

Colin will arrive in Essex on Sunday morning, bright and early. He has already come so far, both physically and metaphorically. He will be on the bus with lots of other dogs who are very deserving of a chance of happiness, and no doubt the whole arrival will be hugely emotional. Our lovely friend and partner Claire Revis does a fantastic job in co-ordinating a bus full of deserving cases every month and I must take my hat off to her, and she is the only person I have met so far who I would trust enough to work with bringing dogs from overseas 🙂

When I went to meet the bus in January and load up the passengers onto the UK Shuttle Bus, I wept like a leaky pipe the whole time – or so it seemed. Scarlett, Nyla, Timmy, Puku, Bessie Boo, Aggie and of course Red. Each one with their own story, each one with their own challenge and each one another reason to cry lol!! Dog only knows what emotions Sunday will bring? Part of me thinks I am more prepared and will cope better with it this time – part of me realises that I will do my fair share of sobbing and snotting – but the WHOLE of me recognises that without the help of our FABULOUS supporters, I would not have the privilege of being there to meet Colin, and in fact, Colin may not have had the chance to travel at all.

Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated, everyone who has sent positive wishes, everyone who cares enough about a dog to NOT care where he is or where he is coming from. Colin, I am very excited to finally meet you and will do my very best not to snot all over you when I do! I can’t promise any miracles though – only the miracle that people who care enough can make incredible things happen. Thank YOU all for being people with the power to do that. You ROCK!!!