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Buster Bear Cripwell xxxxx

BUSTER BEAR CRIPWELL – OTRB xxxxx 10th January 2019 – much loved, furever missed xxxx

Today was meant to be a day of celebration and appreciation. Acknowledgement of the difference your fabulous support has enabled over the last 5 years. A happy day. Instead I am bringing you the saddest news I ever could imagine. It hurts my heart so very much to have to tell you that we have had to make the decision to let Buster go this afternoon 

He went into the vet on Tuesday for an xray on his back leg that he was carrying and just did not recover from it. He was vomiting and in distress which at first was thought “sometimes happens following anaesthetic” but he didn’t get better.

Last night we transferred him to the emergency vets where they had him on a drip and pain relief; they did a full set of bloods and then went on to scan his abdomen and chest, finding nothing that they could pinpoint. Buster went home this morning but was suffering. He was not eating, was not drinking, could not walk and his tummy was very painful and swollen – the emergency vet wondered about a gastric ulcer or other similar condition. I spoke to his Fabulous Foster Family at lunch time and we agreed we should not leave him to suffer further, it was time for him to go and find his beloved Dad. He was in pain, no quality to his life and his time had come.

I want to say a huge thank you to the amazing staff at Dignipets who came to Buster’s home and helped him leave for the Bridge with dignity, surrounded by the people who loved him so very much. They have taken Buster away today so that his ashes can be scattered with his Dad’s.

I want to also say a huge thank you to Buster’s Fabulous Foster Fambly, who, despite all their own sadness and loss this last year have always made sure that Buster was well cared for, happy and felt very loved. They lost their Dad too in the summer and shared in Buster’s sadness at his passing and you know that Mum is also very poorly too, but they made sure Buster was OK.

Thank you also to the lovely couple who had offered Buster a most marvellous home for the next chapter of his life – I’m sorry he never got to come and bimble around with your girl in that lovely garden you have.

Today was meant to be a day of happy celebration and I have spent most of it in tears; Buster was not meant to go today. Buster was supposed to live Furever.

The one thing that has given me some peace of mind this evening though is that I KNOW we did everything we possibly could for him. Thanks to YOUR support FFH have paid all of Buster’s vet and medical bills since May 2017 and thanks to YOUR support, last night we were able to say to the emergency vets – “Please do whatever you can, whatever the cost, if there is a chance.” That has given me peace of mind today as I know not every rescue would have done that for him. Some would not even have helped him into a home and paid his bills as we have so although today has turned out to be a very, very sad day, I know at the heart of it that FFH has done what it was set up to do and we tried. We tried our hardest. We never let him down, right up to the end where he went on his final journey from the place he called home.

Ladies and gentlemen, please will you join me tonight in lighting a candle to light Buster’s way to the Bridge to help him spot his Dad and run to him again? Please pop a photo below and let’s make a long, long trail of candlelight for this boy.

Fly high Buster Bear, fly free, with the sun on your back and a gentle breeze in your face, fly high sweetheart, sleep easy, safe with your beloved Dad again, very much loved and very much missed by your Fambly left behind.

Mr Cripwell – your boy is on his way to find you – whistle him, he’ll hear.

Bye bye Buster Bear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx