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Few changes here at FFH with new trustees, new website and new dogs – but still the SAME commitment to Find Furever Homes. There is a home out there for all these dogs, we just need to find it – some take longer than others! If you have a moment to spare we would really appreciate your help in “sharing” their details – whether via Facebook, Twitter or even in an email to your pals! The secret really is to get as many people as possible aware of these dogs and find their Happy Ever After in this way.

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Time to Reflect

Time to reflect…

And here we are again, it’ll soon be Christmas BOL!!!

It’s amazing how much has been achieved through the help of our fantastic supporters over the last 8 months, and we are always truly grateful for their support – without that we would not be able to continue doing what we are doing, so a huge THANK YOU is called for.

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6 Months! Where Did That Go

6 months! Where did that go?

Wow, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun? 6 months has passed already since Finding Furever Homes launched as a Charitable Trust – and what a lot has happened since then!

If you keep up to date with our weekly blog, you’ll know we are doing our best to try to keep on rehoming dogs – our rescues really appreciate the wider audience we are reaching on their behalf, and so we have seen a steady stream of dogs packing up their rescue kennels and moving off to their Furever Homes – homes they perhaps wouldn’t have found if we didn’t have the fabulous support we do 😉

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Time Flies…

Time flies…

It’s a while now since I updated here and again, so much has happened! We have built 2 kennels at Snowdonia to offer another 2 dogs a safe place when their 7 days is up and now launched a campaign to sponsor them ongoing – Colin has a new summer hair cut, 135 dogs have been rehomed with our help, our Rescue Ramble is fast approaching at Marbury Park on the 28th June and I seem to have adopted a dog!!!!!!!!!

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Colin’s Story

Colin’s Story…

Sitting here tonight planning my diary for the next 3 weeks and realise just how many of my days are full of “dog” 🙂 I have no time to go to work so had better give up my job (I wish!)

But there is one day that is fast approaching that for ages seemed so far off – on Sunday, 13th April I will go to meet the bus that is bringing Colin to his Happy Ever After 🙂

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So here we are, a couple of weeks on (29.3.14) and lots has happened! We have had a really good flurry of activity and energy with the dogs just recently – maybe as people have come out of hibernation and the bad weather is (hopefully) behind us 🙂 We have seen the REHOMED counter moving slowly up, 126 tonight as we waved Bye Bye to Ozzie today – and hopefully will rise again this week with one or two more 😉

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March ’14

March ’14

So here we are, 8 weeks on, and what a lot has happened! We’ve had tears (generally mine, and fairly frequently), we’ve had smiles, we’ve had laughs and we have learned a lot! We have met some fabulous people and had the misfortune to meet some “not so fabulous” people, but fortunately for now, the good definitely outweighs the “not so good”.

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A HUGE Thank Your From Andrea

A HUGE Thank You From Andrea

I’m sure I have missed people, but am also conscious this is probably already too long…………..however, you gave me the chance, so I have taken it LOL!!

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I really, really do appreciate the support and help and donations given towards helping the dogs over this last 12 months or so, and in setting up the Trust to help continue to make a difference on a larger scale. Without turning this into an Oscar Winner’s speech, I do want to mention a few people who have helped us get this far, as my 140 character limit on Twitter often prevents this…..

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