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You can read below our history, but we really need help now with our FUTURE … can you help? Here is our plea.

FFH – The story behind the dogs

It is an extremely sad fact that each day at least 25 dogs in UK pounds are put to sleep simply because nobody is there to save them, offer a safe space, a loving home or a second chance. Heartbreakingly, each year this amounts to more than 9,000 dogs killed through no fault of their own, but simply because UK rescues are full to capacity.

Dogs who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in the pound have only 7 days for their owners to claim them and sadly, after those 7 days are up they can be destroyed. The 8th day is critical for pound dogs and this is where rescue centres can step in to help.

FFH was originally set up to support smaller, privately run shelters where dedicated individuals invest a huge amount of time and effort to rescue these dogs from the pound and prevent them being put to sleep, however, although we never set out to have responsibilities of our own, we of course fell into the trap!

We now have two roles – as well as continuing to support small private rescues where we help to re-home dogs as well as offering financial support where it is needed, we also have a commitment to our own kennels and dogs in foster – it was inevitable! Using our resources, knowledge, passion and social media, our dedicated team create awareness and promote them to as wide an audience as possible and regularly run and attend events to meet with the general public – thus giving them the best chance of finding a furever loving home.

FFH works hard to raise funds for:

  • Transport
  • Kennels
  • Vet treatment
  • Emergency boarding
  • Food, worming
  • Flea treatment
  • Surgery
  • Coats, blankets and toys
  • Advertising
  • Behavioural support

All of our accounts are transparent and viewable to the public as a registered UK Charity.