Making a difference... One dog at a time

A HUGE Thank Your From Andrea

I’m sure I have missed people, but am also conscious this is probably already too long…………..however, you gave me the chance, so I have taken it LOL!!

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I really, really do appreciate the support and help and donations given towards helping the dogs over this last 12 months or so, and in setting up the Trust to help continue to make a difference on a larger scale. Without turning this into an Oscar Winner’s speech, I do want to mention a few people who have helped us get this far, as my 140 character limit on Twitter often prevents this…..

A MAHOOSIVE thanks to my right hand bird Owly, who has been with me right from the start, and Turnersis and Buddybear who have also stood with me in the early days, helping to make a difference to what must be close on 120 dogs during that time!

Other people who deserve a special mention are Taps and Libbie who have worked like Trojans to get us to launch date, and Colin, Nic and Sharon for their professional skills in putting this website together, closely supervised by Taps, our fabulous Pawject Manager – thank you!!!

To Jeannie and Yvonne who are my calming influences, and Rebecca who has agreed to be our Patron; to Claire, Baked, Gem and Moo who have joined the team now and to Sue and Jon thank you so much – we have a FAB team with a variety of skills, from lawyers to designers, from footballers wives to nurses, from accountants to artists – thank you for helping to give these dogs a future.

Thank you to all our regular supporters, people like Ann, Chelsea and her Mum, Denise and Mel, Steve, Emma, Del, Jill, Sparkle, Weefifer, Cally, Abbie, Twogs, Marley’s Mum, oh I’m afraid I’ll miss someone, so to all our loyal Twitterati who made this happen – YOU ROCK!!!! There are now over 11,000 of you and long may we continue to grow in size and with the same passion you tweeps have shown.

I have to also thank my long suffering family, who regularly have dinner with me and Twitter and 11,000 followers and put up with me tearing all over the place, transporting, walking, home checking and generally stinking of dog and letting me drag them along with me to sometimes to do the same!

There are literally THOUSANDS of people that I would love to thank personally, from Owly’s Mum knitting Staffy coats to Mags & Shirl for their dog walking skills, and do hope to meet some of you when we start to do our Regional Events? Goes without saying MAHOOSIVE thanks also to every single adopter who has given a Rescue dog a chance of a Happy Every After, and those who have donated so generously to make it possible – I am truly grateful to each and every one of you.

My final vote of thanks has to go to a very special person who is a great dog lover and without her help I would never have got @NWDogRescue off the ground or managed to grow in the way we have – Mrs C and your Magic Settee, I salute you!! Look Mrs C, look what we did! Thank you xxxxx

Let’s just keep making a difference, once dog at a time …………… xxxxx