Making a difference... One dog at a time

A dog is FUREVER

As you are all aware we try our very best for all our dogs and spend a lot of time, effort and money helping them into Furever Homes. We have a thorough home check and vetting process, we encourage time, opportunity and chance to get to know the dog properly before taking them home, and as a result we find some totally fantastic homes for our dogs – thank you!

When we receive an application from someone who tells us they are “very flexible and very committed” and they go on to list all the things they will do to help a dog settle, we get encouraged, and we do the home check, we arrange a meeting, we pay for specialist behavioural support if the dog has perhaps been in kennels a long time or has specific needs and we do all of that willingly and with total enthusiasm and commitment – after all, this is to be a Furever Home and the dog’s wellbeing is paramount.

We even do follow up checks and again pay for 1:1 advice and training, again in the belief that we are doing our bit to help a dog have a great life – to be free from kennels, to be happy, safe and loved Furever by a family of their own. And we fundraise tirelessly to cover all costs in this approach – believing we are doing our very best and taking time and slow and steady and step by step so that the dog is known and understood by the new family and that they have our full support.

We do ALL of that and more besides so that a dog doesn’t get returned to kennels as that just messes with their minds. They are already with us because they have been “abandoned” (for whatever reason) by people who they were attached to/lived with and we know that every time they are rejected it adds a layer of anxiety onto what was already there. We do what we do for the dogs to save them having to experience that rejection and returning to kennels – they have no idea what they have done wrong, and in fairness, in most cases they haven’t – but all they know is this is different again, and they are confused and a level of anxiety adds to what was already there before.

We believe in our process. We are committed to our dogs, We will fund whatever support a family need to give that dog the home it deserves and the chance it needs and we will work tirelessly to make it happen – for that dog. Every time. Sometimes we insist on several visits, several “getting to know you sessions”, we even pay for one to one training and support with the Maybe Family whilst the dog is still with us in kennels.

We did all of this with Wolfie. You will have seen his photo just last week when we did another 1:1 in the home with him to check all was well. Wagging tail and happy dog.

Wolfie is back in kennels this morning and looking for his Furever Home. Again.

He was “too much for them to take on”.

I am posting this to really drive home the message that WE do what WE do for the dogs. The dogs do NOT deserve to be bounced around. Please only apply for a dog if you totally and utterly commit to it – otherwise it is not fair on the dog. Take all the time you need to meet it, assess it, decide if it is for you. Have trial visits, take it out for the day, take it home with you. Take full advantage of all the behavioural support and training that is offered, free of charge and do that over a 4-6 week process as we did here. But then commit to it? And unless something catastrophic happens, keep the promise that you made.

Wolfie is back in kennels through no fault of his own. We shall start again.