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Meet The team

Andrea Newton

Founder, Trustee & Chief Twit
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“My passion is dogs, whatever shape, size or smell they may be”
Andrea set up Finding Furever Homes with just one aim in mind – to make a positive difference to dogs in need. With many years of volunteering in rescue behind her, she decided one day that actually, there was a need for something else. With a strong background in sales and marketing, Andrea realised that some of the small rescues were struggling with the promotion, fundraising and general awareness – they were busy with the hands on stuff of looking after dogs and perhaps didn’t have the time to promote them …. the rescue bit was straightforward enough, it was the re-homing that is really the challenge – and so FFH was created, as a Charity, in 2013.

The intention was originally to support small privately run rescues but it soon became apparent that there were just so many dogs needing help that that was not enough and FFH fell into becoming a rescue in it’s own right, with dogs in foster and in kennels now too ….. We are very fortunate to have a fantastic team at kennels, headed up by Sue, who herself has over 15 years of looking after dogs in kennels, having run a very successful boarding business – along with other superb professionals who provide an excellent day to day care and rehabilitation provision where necessary.

FFH has also developed a superb group of volunteers too along the way – oh, that’s worth mentioning, we are ALL volunteers – none of us draw a salary from FFH, most of us also have full time jobs, but we manage to fit in  dog walking, transporting, fundraising, promoting, home checking and generally helping dogs into homes – as well as following up on them when they are adopted! We are proud of our post-adoption support and have actually had people come to us to adopt because they have heard how much we do to help families who adopt from us – FUREVER Homes after all!

Andrea is the Chair of Trustees for FFH and is supposed to be involved with the Charity in her spare time, however, it is the equivalent of two full time jobs some weeks! Thankfully she is ably assisted by her “wingman” who has been with her from the start …..

So let’s introduce the rest of the team, starting with my wingman…

Lindsey Dale

Trustee, Tweeter for the Pups, Dog Walker, Baker, Bagola Organiser and anything else that is needed …..

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Self confessed crazy dog lady getting crazier by the day as I get all consumed in the demanding world of dog rescue. I’ve always had a passion for dogs and am owned by two of my own who are both rescues. I believe that every dog deserves a furever sofa to call it’s own and it is my mission to help find them one!

I first met Andrea on Twitter and was soon absorbed by her enthusiasm and passion to help the dogs in rescue. FFH was born and it’s been an amazing journey so far, finding Furever Homes for over 400 dogs to date and hoping for many more in the future!


Nic Flanagan

Trustee, Treasurer, Designer & dog biscuit maker
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Another crazy dog lady – who knew how right my Aunty was when she bought me a T-shirt at the age of 15 that said ‘One dog leads to another’? How right she was – I now have 3 beautiful rescue staffies: Roxy, Ben & Skye.

I would have more if it was possible, but work commitments stop me – so the next best thing I can do is help poor dogs less fortunate than my own find a happy furever home.

I am so pleased and proud to be a trustee. My aim is to help to make FFH as successful as possible to make a difference to an endless stream of poor dogs who deserve better.

Carol Simpson

Tweeting and Auctioneer
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I’m owned by two dogs: Poppy and Skid, and I also have a grand-dog Percy.

I have had animals all my life; some of my happiest childhood memories are of Mum and Dad looking after any waifs and strays, from a Corgi that followed me home from school, to Percy the pigeon that lived in the shed for a while!

I started tweeting for dogs after meeting Andrea on Twitter over three years ago and I’m still here now! I’m over the moon to be a Trustee of Finding Furever Homes.

I tweet for England, help on Facebook and as a Southern representative, I hope to find independent rescues to help out in the south of the country, too.

I strongly believe there is a home out there for all dogs; we have just got to find them!

Our amazing group of volunteers!

We couldn’t do half the things we do if we didn’t have some fabulous people who work with us. I am running the risk of failing to mention someone here, and if I do, forgive me! Some of these people work with us, day in day out, some at the occasional fundraiser, others we have never even met but do a grand job! Whether you are there 24/7 or just once a year for a BARDAD event, thank you!

Here’s hoping I don’t forget anyone ……… a huge thank you to Vicky, my sane & logical route planner and Ramble promoter, Sandie, foster mum extraordinaire and every day muppet with a heart of gold, Jane our infamous baker who is always willing to go the extra mile and never fails to deliver, Sarah our intrepid transporter and dog taxi rescuer, Elaine who gives us all the support she possibly can in a media way and also is best at begging fabulous raffle prizes and Linda who walks, bakes, home checks and supplies fabulous prizes to auction! Mrs C who cannot be rivalled when it comes to Bagola stalls! She is often ably assisted in this by Lesley, Sam, Sally, Janet and Panda’s Mum. To Richie our fabulous photographer, and Jo and Charlie who sends us fabulous things to sell to raise funds, and our absolutely storming Twitter team who day in day out are there – Shabs, Jo, Cally, Emma-Boo and Karen – every one of them knows the dogs inside out! Then our International team – can you believe that two of our most active volunteers are in Morocco and California respectively! Christina and Zay are real heroes, and not quite so far away but just as fabulous is Weefifer who looks after our on-line advertising! Must mention Pat and our team of bakers who step up to help out when we have events, Yvonne who has steered us through the world of charity registration and accounting these last three years, and Jo our PR lady who regularly does us proud with press coverage. Emma and Nat and Dawn who help out with the dogs training and behavioural needs and Oh my word, I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, I would hate to upset anyone as they are all so fantastic! In addition we have our fabulous team of home checkers along with some marvellous ladies who help with our admin and poke me to remind me when follow ups are due and Stacie who is new to the team and helping with new promotional ideas and Jo taking on our Gift Aid accounting. All in all an amazing group of people who make things happen – including Rob our printer who does us proud, often at short notice, Kerry our merchandise lady, and Billy our Web Whizz Kid who created the new site! Finally, like most Oscar speeches, I must thank my husband and son – they live in a house that resembles a storage unit, surrounded by donated blankets, dog toys and tombola items and are both dragged out at every opportunity to wear a dog suit or rattle a collection tin – and our marvellous supporters who donate, tweet, share and generally keep us going day in day out! Thank you – every single one of you – for helping to make a difference and for that we are truly grateful! YOU ROCK!