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A message from Rebecca, our Patron

our-patronI’ve rescued animals since I was a small child and have fought to save what became
amazing companions to my family and me, so I am overjoyed to be involved in
Finding Furever Homes and support the work of the rescuers working hard for
homeless and forgotten dogs.

Hundreds of thousands of dogs are born into the world each year by unlicensed,
unregulated, unofficial breeders, with often very questionable motives. Some of
those newly born pups go on to suffer horrific abuse, some are used for fighting
or baiting, some are severely neglected, or simply left somewhere, abandoned
to fend for themselves.

The reality is in this struggling economic climate, and without legislation to help enforce proper licensing, more and more dogs are born and abandoned every year. Those dogs that survive then find themselves in a council pound, which keeps them for seven days by law for their owners to reclaim them. If they aren’t claimed and if there is no rescue shelter able to take them in, they will be put to sleep.

It upsets me deeply to think that not only do these poor pups encounter often only the most cruel of human beings in their lifetimes, but that they die never knowing a warm home, a meal every day and the odd treat – let alone love and affection.

There is a common misconception that rescue dogs are aggressive and cannot be trusted and therefore the ‘safe’ option is to go for a ‘new’ puppy. This is yet another reason why time after time we see young dogs taken to the pound when the cuteness wears off or because they have chewed a shoe or a piece of furniture.

However, with dedication, patience and a whole lot of love we see dogs that should have little trust and regard for humans offering incredible unconditional love and companionship. They are desperate just to be loved; we just need to find them homes.

Finding Furever Homes strives to assist in the rescue of as many dogs as they can. As well as helping a smaller rescue to survive and continue offering shelter, rehabilitation and love to our furry friends, we now also have our own commitments too.

These little guys are truly grateful for every single bit of kindness and we thank you so very much for you interest in this truly selfless charity.


Lots of love

Rebecca x