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Sox is a sweet little 12-18 month old whippet lurcher cross boy who is full of fun and Tigger type bounce but he is worried about other dogs when on a lead and can be reactive. He is also quite anxious in kennels which isn’t helping his state and so we need to find him a new, suitable home, as soon as possible.

He has done really well when off lead with other dogs, but being confined makes him worried so a new owner will need to be prepared to work through that with the support of our behaviourist or we can find a local trainer to work with you at our expense to help get him on the right road.


We feel Sox would do best in a quieter home where there is not a lot going on so would suggest no young children, probably teens plus, ideally an adult only home with opportunity for quiet and calm. He is a sweet natured boy but is very worried by his circumstances and is tense when out on a lead, especially around traffic.

He is a playful little chap, will take treats nicely, probably NOT one to be trusted with cats or other small furries, and definitely in need of a home where he will be the focus of someone’s attention to help build his confidence and overcome his anxiety with the world.

He’s around 12-18 months old, and so an ideal age for someone to help him unpick his past and create his future – could that be you? He’s whippet sized, long gangly legs and the sweetest eyes – please can you help Sox find his home? Thank you.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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