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Smithy is a fabulous young greyhound lad who was dumped on an allotment with 3 other hounds, left to their fate – by chance they were found and came into rescue where all are recovering nicely from their ordeal.

As you can see he is a big, black and beautiful chap and he would benefit from a hound experienced furever home where there is enough time and commitment to be the bridge that Smithy needs from kennels to a home environment – things like house training, dealing with domestic appliances, stairs – things that hounds typically have to get used to and learn about when their previous lives have been kennel/outdoor based.

Smithy can be a timid boy when he meets new people, especially some men, but with time and patience will develop into a fabulous companion but he CANNOT live with cats or other small furries – he was keen to open the gates and introduce himself very close up when he was cat assessed! It’s a big no!

Smithy is learning to play with toys and with a bit of encouragement is coming along really well – and he is absolutely fine with being handled and stroked – he needs to build up his confidence in new places with new experiences and would appreciate a quieter home where this could be managed in stages please.

He’s currently working on improving his relationship with cars and vans, which isn’t surprising given how he was found, but with slow, encouraging steps, he is getting there well. He needs to be reassured and feel safe and then he will relax with you, and would be happy home alone for short periods, once he was settled in properly and acclimatised to a home environment.

If you have the time and commitment Smithy will make a fabulous family pet but he is best in a home with no small children, cats or small furries. He has probably never had a loving hand or cosy home, could you be the one to make a difference for Smithy? He so deserves it.

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