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Please meet Paddy. He is a very handsome, very big crossbreed boy who is a little nervous around some men but has come on in leaps and bounds with sensible introductions and the chance to learn that not all men are bad and to be feared.

He is a young energetic friendly dog with a sweet temperament but hasn’t had much input from his previous home so our volunteers have been working hard with him to help him and he is doing really, really well! He will need a home to continue with the work to help Paddy adjust to a life in the big wide world and we would prefer someone with large breed experience who is used to handling a big dog.

He is used to walking on a lead but can be a bit bouncy when excited so will need someone to continue the work on obedience and manners in all situations, reliable recall, etc but really underneath it all he’s just a young playful lad who just needs some guidance that he clearly has never had.

As Paddy can be nervous around certain men you must be prepared to make the effort to gain his trust and confidence – he gets vocal when spooked, and let’s you know when he is nervous by backing away so we would suggest you make a couple of visits to meet him, walk him, play with him so that he can get to know you and trust you and you can see how fabulous, playful and big he is!

He’s good with other dogs and is playful in his approach and he was quite wary of the cats but as always, a sensible introduction with clearly separate spaces to begin with is a must – and any children need to really be age 12+ as anyone smaller than that might be in danger of Paddy’s swinging tail when he is happy or the odd shoulder charge as he bounces around full of life!

Paddy will make a superb companion for anyone who leads an active life and who has experience in training and handling large breeds. He deserves a chance of happiness and someone who is prepared to put the effort in that nobody seems to have bothered with in his past – at least not in a positive way – could you be his Furever?

He is responding really well to the training he is receiving but he is not happy about getting in a car at the moment so we are working on that as an action point – there may well be other things that spook him in a home environment, purely because he has no or little experience of them, so again a caring owner who will appreciate his anxiety would be needed.

He’s a lovely chap – have you the heart and home to offer him?

Usual Homecheck and Adoption fee applies.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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