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Noodles is a 2 year old Welsh Terrier who has not had a very pleasant start to his life. Unfortunately his first owners were inexperienced and a little misguided with the training approach they took, so Noodles can be a little anxious in certain situations, however, with the right home – terrier experienced, no children, only to use positive, encouraging training – he will be an absolute star!

He can sometimes guard doors so a new family would need to be prepared to work with him on that (with the help and support ongoing from our qualified behaviourists) but basically it means ignoring him, walking away, not engaging or rewarding the behaviour with attention and certainly NOT trying to negotiate with him or move him with force – he seems to worry about being shut in or confined which probably comes from the advice his first owners had.

He is a loving dog and enjoys fuss and attention and has enjoyed being handled at the groomers and with our regular volunteers. He is good with other dogs and is great on the lead, travels well and is generally a great example of his breed. He is probably NOT a good choice for you though if you have a cat or indeed your neighbour has a passing cat …. on his recent assessment he was very interested in them, and not in a “polite conversation” kind of way – I think he was suggesting they might put on their running shoes, so best no cats thanks.

If you have had a terrier before you will know their typical traits and characteristics and you will make sure that Noodles has the best possible life going forwards after his shaky start. You MUST be prepared to work with our behaviourist and continue with the approach that we have instigated and NOT be tempted to “do your own thing” or take advice from anyone else. This boy needs consistency, security and to feel safe so your attitude is critical in that respect and he has already been let down by a family who said they could help him and failed.

You will need to pass our home check process and arrange to visit him a couple of times at our kennels in Shrewsbury prior to adoption – after which time you would be expected to follow some basic instructions from our behaviourist to continue helping Noodles feel safe and secure. He is happy to be left alone for short periods and in his previous home he went out with a dog walker and a group of dogs on a daily basis and enjoyed his little self!

We are determined to find him the home that will best meet his needs so please take care with your application in informing us of your previous experience. We will then call you for a chat to discuss in a bit more detail before arranging for a volunteer to come and meet you. Our rehoming process is quite thorough so you should be prepared for this – we take our responsibility to the dogs seriously and if you do, then you won’t mind!

He’s a fab chap, in the right environment is confident, outgoing, playful and friendly but due to his past trauma we would prefer NO children.

Is he for you? More importantly, are you for him?

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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