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Matey – in foster

A very handsome 8 year old Rottie boy who is very happy and friendly with people although we have not had an opportunity to see him around children so would suggest older children only as he has not lived in a home with children before.

Sadly his previous owner is now elsewhere and Matey was at home being fed by neighbours for a while, then got taken to the pound where he was forgotten about, so he is a little unsure of the big wide world and has had no routine or structure in his life just recently.

He has had a mixed reaction with other dogs.  He has run lose with another Rottie and also been around small dogs and has been fine.  He gets a bit worried when hes on the lead though when approaching unfamiliar dogs.  Nothing to indicate he would be aggressive, but he needs gentle reassurance and guidance.   Generally he is very polite and walks well on the lead with the occasional little pull but we would recommend a breed experienced home with an owner who is used to handling a big dog and will understand his worries when there are other dogs around.

He was very interested in the cats although he saw some squirrels and was not bothered by those!

He will play a bit if encouraged,  but doesn’t do it a great deal. He would much rather have a cuddle as he loves being handled.  He was slightly worried the first time we put a harness on him, but he was fine.  He likes being stroked all over, feet picked up etc.  He is  a bit weaker behind so needs to be handled gently and slowly to make sure he can keep his balance.  The vet checked him out and it’s not skeletal, it’s muscular so gentle walking, therapies, supplements etc. would help him no end to build him back up again after his “down time” home alone before joining us.

He has no issues with food, traffic doesn’t phase him and he enjoys going on a little drive in the car, although he needs help getting in to make sure his back end is supported properly.  He’s very calm with people and equally he takes being on his own in his stride too.

All in all, a fabulous dog who needs to have his own sofa  before Winter.   Our behaviourist suggests Matey’s new owner will be able to build up his confidence properly around other dogs….although he has been fine so far, he wasn’t as confident as he makes out!




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