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Marley JRT


Please meet Marley, a 10 year old JRT boy who is looking for a new home due to the arrival of a new baby in his. He has not taken well to the new addition to the family and although he has played nicely in the past with older children age 10 plus, he is not at all happy about this new little one.

Marley would be best as an only pet – he is NOT a fan of cats and his typical terrier instincts come to the fore when a cat or furry is around. He is a friendly chap who likes his own space, good off the lead with other dogs where he can run freely but not so great in small confined spaces to best to avoid a home with another dog present.

He has had a fair bit of upheaval just recently but his family are very upset to have to rehome him, and have taken lots of advice from the vet and other professionals, but Marley has a strong instinct about small creatures that make funny noises and smell odd, so it is best for everyone that he finds himself a new home where he can relax, chill, his space is respected and he can carry on being a typical feisty terrier without any problems.

He is in foster near Southport, Merseyside at the moment but can be rehomed UK wide to the right home. You will be expected to travel to Southport to meet him at least once before adopting. Thanks for your time.

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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