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Lulu and Poppy

Please meet Lulu (b&w) aged 14 and Poppy (w) aged 15.

Unfortunately their elderly owner has gone into hospital and sadly it looks like the girls need a new home TOGETHER. They also have their cat with them, who is also looking for a home – not necessarily all together but they girls are cat safe.

They would prefer a home with NO children thank you – these ladies are of mature years and need a home that will respect that and allow them to have a happy life together without distraction. Due to their age we would be happy to support their vet bills and any related medical costs – all we want is for them to be happy, safe and loved with plenty of home comforts in their twilight years.

It’s probably best that there are no other dogs, just so they can be the centre of your world and have all the love and care that they deserve at this time in their lives – they have lost their owner and really need to be in a calm, quiet home where nobody is going to ask too much of them. They both enjoy a little toddle down the field but neither is really up for a marathon though ….

Both together in kennels in Shrewsbury and hoping someone kind will come along with a space in their heart and their home for them. Their cat girl is here too if you are able to take all 3?

Thanks 🙂

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