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Please say hello to Louie!

A beautiful 5 year old brindle greyhound who has been with another rescue for 12 months now, waiting patiently for his furever home to be found. Ideally for Louie, we would like a sighthound experienced furever home with no cats or small furries please, and lots of love and cuddles for this beautiful boy!

Since being with us we have found Louie to be quiet, calm, clean in his kennel and not demanding. He’s been good out on group walks and just needs a little time and gentle exposure to the wider world after being stuck in kennels with another rescue before joining us.

He is quite happy to be left on his own for short periods, relaxes and snoozes very quickly. Small amount of exercise and he would be sorted for the day and he walks really well on the lead. He is a friendly boy, good around all people and great with other dogs his size but as with a lot of sighthounds he has a strong prey drive which would mean he would need to be supervised and perhaps wear a muzzle – you will see lots of ex racers in exactly this situation, their earlier instinct to chase anything small and fluffy lol!

He’s a fabulous calm, chilled, relaxed dog who enjoys a meander and a wander, just needs a sighthound experienced home who can take care of his natural instincts. He travels beautifully, no issues at all and we see now reason why he could not live with other hounds.


Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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