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Lola staffie – black & white ADOPTED



Lola is a very timid girl, very wary of people and worried by strangers – backs away to hide. She is also worried by other dogs and becomes very stiff in her body language when she sees on – doesn’t react, if anything she backs away and makes the distance greater. She had her tail between her legs and was cowering when she saw the cats in the cattery, but was focused on them as well so may well not tolerate them once her confidence has improved.

She will play with toys if encouraged. I think it’s a confidence problem with her, once she trusted me she would play and wag her tail a bit more…nothing too much, but it was getting better as time went on – she is scared and is not a very happy girl at all at the moment.

She has no problems around food, no issue with guarding etc and she was good with having treats as well.

As long as you start off quietly and gently she actually enjoys being handled and responds well to gentle strokes. Was fine putting the harness on as well – is quite tense on the lead though and on her guard but got more confident as time went on and wasn’t bothered by traffic – she LOVED getting in the car and obviously felt quite safe there as she started to wag her tail and got quite animated – no problem travelling – her biggest need is confidence building from a loving, caring, calm, patient and gentle home.

No children thanks, she needs consistency and predictable surroundings and as an only pet in the home too. As with all our dogs we offer full post adoption support and advice from a qualified, experienced behaviourist and can put a plan together with you to help Lola develop into the lovely young girl we know she can be.

She needs to have some help building confidence in being around other dogs, and experiencing different things. She will get there but is a worrier at the moment.


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