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Kingsley is a beautiful friendly lurcher mix boy who came to us in a painfully thin and malnourished state but who has responded brilliantly to a good quality diet and a kind hand.

He is happy to be around people, a genuinely happy, friendly and interested boy, always happy to meet folk with a wagging tail and a smile on his face 🙂

He is good around other dogs and in fact is sharing his kennel with a smaller terrier dog at the moment, they play together really nicely and his response in the cattery was quite calm and not keen on taking them on, so again that is a possibility that we can explore further if necessary.

Kingsley has a good appetite, eats well and loves a treat – enjoys sniffing around and using his nose and his brain so a great candidate for training if you have some tasty titbits for him!

He walks beautifully on the lead, happy to wear a harness and be touched and handled and isn’t bothered by traffic noise or pedestrians. Happy to travel in a car,in fact he settled down quickly and made himself comfortable and we think he could also cope with being alone for short periods too – as long as there were plenty of cuddles at other times as he does love company.

Kingsley would make someone a superb companion with his very friendly nature and easy going approach – he has had a tough time in his past and was painfully thin when he arrived, but it hasn’t put him off people and he adapts well to meeting new folk all the time. A fab all rounder with the sweetest temperament who would love a fab Furever please!

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