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Humphrey – ADOPTED


Humphrey is a beautiful lurcher boy, super friendly personality and very happy around people whether men or women, he loves a fuss from anyone.  He’s housetrained and a great house guest.

Humphrey is a big lurcher lad so would probably be best NOT to be with small children who can get knocked over easily! There is no malice, he’s just a big lurcher boy with a massive enthusiasm for life!  He’s fine with dog savvy children.

In his assessment with other dogs,  he was very gentle and quiet  and you might remember he had three weeks or so living with an elderly terrier and a large bouncy cross breed girl, where she was bossing him around.

He might be a bit too interested in small furries to be safely homed with cats.

If encouraged, he likes playing with soft toys but his main love is  counter surfing! Humphrey is a tall lad when he stands up, so no shelf is safe.

Humphrey loves food.  Really loves his food! No aggression or guarding but be warned he will check pockets, jump for treats etc.

He loves being stroked and cuddled, great on the lead, walks nicely, no pulling.

Not concerned at all in traffic or by the noise and enjoys going out in the car.

He can settle quietly, loves a snuggle and is a relaxed boy in kennels at the moment.

What a sweet, gentle, loving, kind dog he is.  Wouldn’t you love to have a Humphrey in your home?



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