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When Gil first joined us you can see he wasn’t in a great state

Very skinny, sores on his body, scabby ears, hair loss and you’ll notice he has flat front feet which typically suggests he’s been run too early & too far as a puppy so probably been worked

He’s a very friendly boy though and he was named by some good friends of ours who tell me that Gil is Hebrew for joy – and this lovely lad certainly needs some of that going forward

Since being with us Gil has come on in leaps and bounds – he has put weight on, his coat is much improved and he has developed into a lovely friendly sweet natured character and in the right home would make someone an excellent companion.

He is very friendly with people, very waggy and keen to be fussed, he is interested in his surroundings, inquisitive and alert, has walked beautifully with other dogs, male and female, and doesn’t mind sharing his sniffing space if there are interesting smells to be had.

A little cautious about getting into a car but once he had a quilt to settle on and a little gentle encouragement, he travelled beautifully and was happy to look at the world go by – not worried at all by a car full of shouting dogs that passed, he is a very chilled and laid back chap!

He was happy to be handled and have his harness put on during his assessment, but any new owner would need to take it slowly to build trust with him as he has not always had kind hands around him it would seem – pulls a little on the lead, but not enough to cause any problems, just needs some time and effort on leadwork and we can offer advice and support on that if required.

All in all a lovely character, gentle and polite, interested in the world and could learn to play with toys in time – perhaps not having had the chance to in his past, but a good owner would take the time to help Gil unpack his past and develop a future.

He’s probably about 5 years of age although as he has put weight on and come out of his shell, we are seeing younger behaviours so hard to put an exact age on him but he is loving, playful and will sit calmly for fuss – sausages are his most favourite past time 😉 As with all our new families, you need to be prepared to bring him into your home in a calm manner, offering him time and space to settle and be prepared to take the time that HE needs to relax – all our dogs deserve that as an absolute minimum!

Gil is in kennels in Shrewsbury and we would be happy to arrange a visit once you have passed your home check.

Welcome to the rest of your life Gilly xxxx


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