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Gibbs – Gibbs is a very friendly boy and met lots of people out and about that he liked very much 🙂

Gibbs is great with other dogs and has liked every that he has met – and they have liked him too – whether out and about or through the kennel doors and everything has been really positive.

He has been through the cattery and had a good look at the cats, but didn’t seem particularly bothered by them – as always we would suggest caution and a careful introduction.

Gibbs can be very playful if encouraged – he likes toys of all sorts, but isn’t overly bothered with them at the moment – he is however a great fan of food!

He has a very good appetite, likes all sorts of treats and food bless him, and no issues with people being around him whilst he was eating.

He loves to be stroked and fussed, no problems with being handled, just a great relaxed friendly chap but can pull like a train on the lead! He is responding well to training and is easier to manage using a harness which seemed to help calm and slow him down a little.

He went out and about and wasn’t bothered by traffic noise, happy to get in a car and travel, quite a nosey passenger actually!

Overall he is a very friendly dog, not the usual over the top, bouncy chocolate lab. So whatever he is crossed with is a good mix! He’s very lovable, will make someone a great companion, but will need good levels of exercise and stimulation so as not to suffer from his “good appetite” 🙂


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