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This is Edward. Edward has not had the best start in life but is now safe and looking for the most fantastic Furever Home that a puppy could ever wish for. So yep, go on and call me unrealistic, tell me our process should be “more lenient because then fewer dogs would be in rescue and would be living normal lives” and try to persuade me that an 8th floor tower block with no garden, 14 kids under the age of 7 and a 12 hour working day are perfectly acceptable LOL!! This lady is not for turning 

Seriously, the next few weeks and months of development are critical for this boy and will largely determine the life he goes on to lead in terms of his confidence, socialisation and growing up as a well adjusted dog with no issues. I therefore reserve the right to reject any application that will not make best provision for that. I know, I’m a cow aren’t I ….. but put it this way, he is happy and learning and being loved where he is, so there is no need to rush him off to the first home that comes along. If I have to put up with crap from folk then I reserve the right to at least advocate for this boy, which the original breeder should rightly have done, so I have self appointed 

He needs a decent home where people are around to cater for his needs, help him develop physically, emotionally, socially and grow into a well adjusted, happy, confident dog. His next critical development phase will be happening in the next 10 -12 weeks so if you have got a lot on at the moment, he is not for you. We need a home with a garden, a home with someone around a lot, a home with someone who will be prepared to put time, effort and money into him and take him to training classes and puppy socialisation and give him good strong foundations for the rest of his life.

If you have read this far, then you are doing well …. he is around 10 weeks old, pin puppy teeth still, and was sold as a “saluki lurcher” but he has thick stock legs, big fat feet and chunky knees – we think his colour and thick legs means he has maybe even a touch of Rottie in there, his tail might be that of a dog that once knew a saluki but he is too stocky and chunk to be a true sighthound. He is in Shrewsbury and will be having his first vaccinations with us, but will need second with you, which we will pay for, and he will need neutering at an appropriate age, which you will pay for, and we will agree between us the age for that when we do your follow up checks. If you are able to give this boy the life he deserves, I look forward to hearing from you via our website application form

Thanks again and let’s find this boy a home please 

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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