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Duke is a stunning young dog who is a real sweetie. He has had a rough life up to now with inappropriate handling so he is a little frightened, especially around men. He adores all the ladies at kennels and enjoys fuss and attention, but is a little wary of the boys.

He is slowly coming out of his shell and becoming more confident with different people and we would love Duke to find a home with someone who can take their time with him and allow him to find his paws at his own pace.

He is great with other dogs but we do NOT want Duke to live with cats or children – children are especially a problem as we feel he has had some very bad experiences in the past and this gorgeous, sensitive boy really does need someone who can pay attention to him and take good care of him at all times. Duke has had a wander through the cattery, and didn’t show any real interest so with the right introduction and sensible management could perhaps be cat trainable.

Duke will be fully assessed and more details uploaded as we learn more about him, but we know that he is 4 and in a healthy state, no medical issues, and will need a loving, kind home with NO kids, thanks!

Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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