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Diesel is a stunning young bull lurcher in rescue in Shropshire and in need of a fabulous furever home please.

He’s around 18  months of age, and this amazing young chap is on the lookout for an experienced owner who will continue with his training.

Diesel walks well on a lead and is good out and about but is a little unsure of small dogs, not showing any aggression, just puzzled by them.

This could quite simply be because he hasn’t met many of them in his young life.

A secure garden is a must for this boy, and also an active home where his mind and body are both challenged.

Diesel needs an experienced furever home where the needs of the 3 very different breeds in his mix will be met. He seeks reassurance from his handler when he is unsure and can sometimes “put a brave front on” to disguise his anxiety of new situations and people. He will need someone who understands this and is a confident handler, who will not ask too much of him but allow him gentle and controlled exposure to new things that don’t overwhelm him. He can appear boisterous but we think he is masking his lack of confidence and a new owner would need to understand that and be prepared to take advice from our behaviourist to help Diesel develop and feel more comfortable with the world.

The combination of a working / bull / sighthound mix means that Diesel will show traits of all of these so an experienced owner with time, space, mobility and commitment to his training is needed.

Can you offer Diesel his pawfect furever home?



Please read & check that you are ‘Rescue Ready‘ before you apply?



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