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Chica – updated

Chica is a typically cuddly and loving staffie girl who absolutely loves people and snuggles. She is timid and worried around other dogs but as long as she could see them and they weren’t rushing her or on her face, she handles it really well. Her details suggest she is 5 years old but she has not had a great life and her diet has been pretty poor from the state she is in.

Her back end physically is very weak and looks sore so she will be wary of anything going around there for the time being and she has muscle wastage in her back legs through lack of decent exercise – so that will also help. Lack of exercise might also explain why she is wary around other dogs, she may not have seen much of the world in her life so far?



She found her time through the cattery overwhelming. She was absolutely fine with the cats and was more worried than anything really.

She loves toys and settled down so well with them all. She particularly likes soft toys and teddies.

She is great with food, no aggression or guarding and loves treats of all sorts and I did a treat puzzle game with her which she grasped straight away. Not bothered at all with me around as well. She is a smart little cookie who loves to be loved and will benefit from a quieter home where she can be the centre of attention and get all the fuss and cuddles that she deserves.

She will also need an exercise plan to help build up her muscle mass, so someone will need to be prepared to take advice and help get this girl fit again so she can enjoy her life from now on. We have asked the vet to x-ray her back legs when she is spayed (19.9.18) to check there are no underlying issues so that an appropriate plan can be put together – she will also be having a dental that day too! A whole new MOT!

She loves being handled and has no problem at all with it. She really, really loves being cuddled…a true Staffie bless her. She is also very good on the lead – no pulling, but she is very stiff behind and throws her front leg out to the side when she walks so she doesn’t go fast anyway. Again we will put together a suitable exercise plan for her to help her improve her gait.

She was relaxed around traffic, didn’t bother at all and was happy to go in the car – in fairness, I think she was happy to go wherever I was going as she loved being with me and having company. She is struggling in kennels and is getting stressed so the chance to get her into a home would be fabulous – she will do so much better with people and attention and a few home comforts that she has probably not had much of at all.

Our behaviourist says she is a very sweet girl who needs a loving home. She has physical/skeletal elements that need to be helped bless her but I think gentle exercise will help as well. She is sociable and inquisitive so just a happy staffie – loves treats, toys, fuss and cuddles just anxious if other dogs get too close to her and needs to feel safe. She doesn’t have any special requirements – just a loving home, with caring people and time to rebuild and relax.



Sad news for poor Chica 😢 She’s just back from the vets where she had a dental and teeth removed, they also removed the fatty lump from her paw and she has been spayed. We also asked them to X-ray her back too as her back legs were weak and lacked muscle mass and have found spondylosis in the thoracic and lumber regions of her spine which makes them think she is older than the 4 years it says on her microchip.
They say she will need a good nutritious diet, keep nice and slim and healthy and will need pain relief probably for life. Spondylosis can be caused by over exertion of joints in young dogs, and bizarrely the opposite, also in dogs that don’t get exercised at all (inactivity); it can be hereditary or as a result of poor nutrition which prevents spine and bones from developing normally as a young pup – either way this little girl has not had a great life and it saddens me as this news will probably also limit her chances of being offered a Furever home now.
We would provide support and advice and get our holistic vet to suggest ways of helping alongside the traditional – there is evidence that a good quality joint supplement can help, for example, and we would cover the cost of pain relief if she were offered a home. She will do well having gentle exercise such as walking and swimming, rather than running and bouncing, but she will need exercise, so we can also take advice from a hydrotherapist too. It’s a common complaint in older dogs, like arthritis in people, and it doesn’t mean she can’t have a happy, normal life but it inevitably means she probably won’t be offered a new home soon 😢
She’s back to the vets to have post surgery check up on Friday and tonight feeling very sorry for herself, bless her. Clearly she’s not had a great life so far but FFH would support her going forward, if she were lucky enough to be offered a home at all.
We are only a very small volunteer run Charity and do often end up picking up the mess others have created and sadly her sorry state is an example of that, but we will stand by her and do our very best for her all the same. Send her some loving and kind thoughts please?


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